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About Us

Disability Concerns strives to promote and foster relationships, communities, and societies where everybody belongs and everybody serves by assisting churches, agencies, institutions, and leadership within the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church in North America

Our Goals:

  • to think and act in keeping with the biblical call regarding people with disabilities
  • to break barriers of communication, architecture, and attitude
  • to establish ministries with, for, and by people with disabilities and their families.

Download this one-page summary of who Disability Concerns is and what we do.


Lindsay Wieland Capel


Lindsay Wieland Capel (LMSW) is the Director of Disability Concerns. Lindsay has held a variety of clinical and leadership positions within nonprofits and is a strong mental health advocate. Lindsay brings to her work a passion for identifying and improving the experiences of individuals within systems and organizations.

Becky Jones

Becky Jones

Volunteer and Communications Specialist

Becky has served as Volunteer and Communication Specialist since 2019. She has worked with a wide range of community organizations as an art therapist prior to joining the team.

Terry DeYoung

Terry DeYoung

RCA Disability Concern Ministry

We work very closely with the RCA Disability Concerns team to provide resources, training and support to members of the reformed community.

Regional Advocates

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Regional Disability Advocates across North America support the mission of Disability Concerns. They assist Church Disability Advocates and are knowledgeable regarding local assistance within your community.