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Becoming an Endorsed Chaplain

Chaplaincy and Care Ministry provides ecclesiastical endorsement for chaplains through assessment, training, and supervision of chaplains’ ministries. This document entails the required steps to achieve endorsement through the Christian Reformed Church.

Application Checklist for Endorsement (Application Procedures)
Guidelines for Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Routes to Ordination

The CRC has two offices of ordained pastoral ministry: the office of minister of the Word and the office of commissioned pastor. The routes to minister of the Word and commissioned pastor are described in Church Order Articles 6, 7, 8, and 23, cited below, and explained in the document Paths to Ordination.

Routes to Ordination


CCM provides endorsement for chaplains through assessment, training, and supervision (in collaboration with calling church) of chaplains’ ministries. Many institutions and organizations require ecclesiastical endorsement, as it indicates that a chaplain has the education, certification, and experience to represent and be held accountable by their faith group. CCM also provides provisional endorsements or candidate recommendations to assist future chaplains in meeting vocational or educational requirements. Those who are interested in chaplaincy through the Christian Reformed Church in North America should apply.

Endorsement Application (Chaplaincy Application)
Letter of Reference

Covenant of Joint Supervision

A Covenant of Joint Supervision is an agreement between a chaplain and their calling church which ensures that chaplains are recognized as ministers and pastors, are supported as persons ordained by the church, and are a genuine extension of the church's ministry.

Chaplains may use the following template as a starting point as they create their own Covenant of Joint Supervision.

Covenant of Joint Supervision
Guidelines and Process for the Calling and Joint Supervision of Chaplains

Apply for Training Support

Training support funds are available to prospective and current chaplains for specialized ministry training. Those in need of assistance may fill out the Application for Chaplaincy Training Support. If financial assistance is provided, the recipient agrees to serve for a minimum of three years as an endorsed chaplain in an approved ministry setting. If the recipient opts out of chaplaincy ministry, they must repay the full amount commencing six months after the completion of their training program. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the director of CCM and must be paid in full within ten years of receiving funds.

Application for Training Support