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Because of COVID-19 and all the impacts it has had on limiting how people gather, the next Canadian National Gathering has been tentatively scheduled for sometime between May and August, 2023. We intend to put a planning team together soon to construct this event in full. 

At this point we know that the Hearts Exchanged event will be a key focus of the next Canadian National Gathering. For more information go to

What is a Canadian National Gathering?

Springing from a 2013 report to the Board of Trustees of the CRCNA on “Cultivating Binationality in the CRCNA” (see Acts of Synod 2014, pp. 432, 440-42), the Canadian National Gathering is a time to strategically celebrate, discern, and envision bold next steps for the CRC in Canada locally, regionally, and nationally. Gatherings of this type are held in Canada every three years as a way to have national conversations about ministry both in local congregations and as a national and binational church.