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Lead a Prayer

We've gathered some quality prayer resources here but additional worship resources are also available by topic under our resource pages.

Do Justice Prayers

Weekly Justice Prayers

Prayers is a weekly email with 3-5 prayers addressing issues that we think are most pressing from around the world. You can forward them to your pastor for Sunday’s congregational prayer, print them for use in small groups, or supplement your personal devotions. Click here to subscribe to the weekly prayers. Be sure to check the 'Do Justice Blog + Justice Prayers' box on the signup form.

You can also view past editions of prayer here.

Immigrants are a Blessing Litany 

Headlines about immigration often expose deep pain and suffering. Use this litany in your Sunday worship as a way to remember our many brothers and sisters whose immigration status puts them in need of prayers. Order a free printed copy from Faith Alive's online catalogue or download here.

Immigrants are a Blessing Litany
Foggy Trees

Creation Care Prayers

Christian Reformed people from all walks of life have poured out their devotion to our Creator God and his creation-loving call on our lives in this new crowd-sourced collection of worship materials, including creation care prayers . After careful review and editing by a team of Reformed theologians, they’re ready to be used in your congregation. 

Prayers for Justice, Reconciliation, and Peace

“Scripture is full of visions of the future day when righteousness and peace will infuse our world. But Christians should not be content to sit back and wait for that day to come. Scripture is also clear that we are accountable for the havoc we’ve wreaked in God’s world, that we are to work for justice and seek righteousness, that we are to go before God and implore that he will redeem this world already now. While we know we are supposed to pray for these things, sometimes we don’t know what words to use. So this is a great place to start. Pray them as they are written, adapt them for your context, or use the links provided to learn more and write your own prayers. But do pray.”

Click here to view the prayers.  These prayers appeared in the June 2014 issue of Reformed Worship.

Peaceful Water
Prayer labyrinth

The Abundance of God: Prayer Stations

These prayers stations appeared in the June 2014 issue of Reformed Worship. In a worship series focused on justice, the best concrete actions are, of course, acts of justice. These prayer stations are not meant to be the end of the response. They are meant to reinforce worship and serve as additional motivation for working toward justice beyond the walls of the church building. The cycle of stations is designed to be used one a week, in coordination with the four Sunday series on abundance. Click here view to prayer stations notes.