Circle of Grace

We can begin to prevent abuse by starting at an early age to teach our children respect for themselves and for one another; and by helping them learn what to do in situations that feel unsafe. As our children grow up it’s important for the church to be a strong voice encouraging a healthy view of sexuality and promoting respectful relationships that honor our Lord.

Resources for Teaching

Circle of Grace equips children and youth to participate in a safe environment for themselves and others. A few lessons for each age group K-12 can be used alongside your church school curriculum to help build a safe community that respects the sacredness of relationships and prevents abuse.

Circle of Grace Flyer/Bulletin Insert
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Letter to Churches
CRC Promotional Presentation on Safe Church Ministry and Circle of Grace

Safe Church Ministry is pleased to partner with Dove's Nest, an organization dedicated to 'Faith Communities Keeping Children & Youth Safe', to offer Circle of Grace to CRC congregations. You may order Circle of Grace here.