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Practicing Prayer as a Family

Praying together is one of the most important faith practices for families! Here are some ideas for how to weave more prayer into your family life.

Make Prayer a Habit

  • There are 165 ideas for prayer inside the box of God’s Big Story cards. Check out two samples here.
  • The pocket-sized guide Everyday Family Faith by Sandy Swartzentruber helps your family engage with Scripture, talk about faith, pray together, and more.
  • Teach Us to Pray, by CRC pastors Lora Copley and Elizabeth Vander Haagen, guides families in both listening to and speaking to God.
  • Faith5 is a simple five-step family faith formation practice that includes praying for each other.

Try New Ways to Pray

Create Fun Prayer Prompts

  • Mealtime Grace Placemats for children ages 5 and under contain simple visual prayer prompts.
  • Check out these prayer bottles to make with kids from the awesome people at Building Faith.
  • One church printed the Compline prayer on pillowcases for their members. What prayer could you put on a pillowcase to help your kids remember to spend time with God at bedtime?
  • Kate Huston says that faith practices need to meet three goals to be used with her family: intentionality, consistency, and simplicity. She checks off all three with her Prayer Sticks: A Holy Home Activity.