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Youth Ministry Champions

Faith Formation Ministries oversees a growing network of Youth Ministry Champions, one for every CRC Classis. Each champion works to empower and encourage those working on the frontlines of congregational youth ministry. Champions listen, pray, help connect, and serve as a voice on behalf of youth leaders at Classis. Their desire is to strengthen youth ministry in the CRC through networking, sharing resources, and consulting.

Bill Nieuwenhuis

Classis Alberta North

Chris Vanderberg

Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan

Ashley Patton

Classis BC North West

Koen Beugelink

Classis BC South East

Brandan Bajema

Classis Central California

Jon Pollnow

Classis Chatham

Stephen Jansons

Classis Columbia

Ron Hosmar

Classis Eastern Canada

Fig VanderMolen

Classis Georgetown
Mario Perez

Mario Perez

Classis Greater Los Angeles and South

John Bijl

Classis Hamilton

Raeanne Walters

Classis Holland

Amy Baarda

Classis Huron

Lee DeGroot

Classes Iakota, Minnkota, and Heartland

Sarah Vanderaa

Classis Illiana

Brendan Stevens

Classis Lake Erie

Helena Allan

Classis Lake Superior (Can)

Travis Deur

Classis Lake Superior (US)

Sandy Mast

Classis Muskegon

Anna Bailey

Classis Niagara

Andrew Pasek

Classis Northern Illinois

Bret Lamsma

Classis Rocky Mountain

Lesli VanMilligen

Classis Toronto

Kyle Deboer

Classis Yellowstone