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Tools and Resources

Articles and Books

  • Laura Keeley and Robert J. Keeley’s Lifelong Faith journal article further explains the Building Blocks of Faith concept.

  • In the article Christ Formed in Us to Bless His World, Syd Hielema introduces the Building Blocks of Faith model through a biblical lens. 
  • In the book Dear Parent, Laura Keeley and Robert J. Keeley show parents how the Building Blocks can support family faith formation.

Assessment Tools

Building Blocks Framework


If you’d like help working through how the Building Blocks of Faith can strengthen faith formation in your congregation, we invite you to contact your Regional Catalyzer. They can help you develop a Building Blocks-based faith formation framework for your church, help train staff and volunteers, or just brainstorm with you. Their assistance is free to Christian Reformed churches. 

Communication/Training Tools

There are many good settings for presenting the Building Blocks of Faith to your congregation, including at a potluck, a congregational meeting, a council meeting, an adult discussion group, or a church staff meeting. Here are some tools that can help:

Examples of How Churches Have Used the Building Blocks

Visual Symbols for the Building Blocks of Faith

Feel free to use these Building Blocks icons in materials you create for your own congregation:

Covenant Christian Reformed Church in Edmonton, Alberta, constructed these Building Blocks props for worship: 

About Permissions

Permission is granted to your church or organization to use the tools listed on this page, along with other Building Blocks resources from this toolkit, within your congregation or organization. Please do not create materials based on the Building Blocks for distribution outside your church or organization. If you have questions about permissions, please contact Faith Formation.