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Conferences and Connections

Want to explore the wider world of children’s ministry?

Do you want to expand your vision of ministry with children? Or maybe you need some refreshment during a tough season of ministry. Are you looking for some children’s ministry conferences or events around North America? Here are a few organizations that you might want to take a look at.


  • Children's Spirituality Summit is a Christ-centered and ecumenical organization of scholars and thoughtful practitioners dedicated to promoting informed practice regarding children’s spirituality. They serve as a thought leader in the global discussion of children’s spirituality from a Christian perspective to influence practice in the varied contexts where children are spiritually formed.
  • The Association of Presbyterian Church Educators is made of those serving or have served in educational ministries, as ministers, professional or volunteer educators, or students, in reformed churches including the Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Reformed Church in America among others. Their annual conference provides opportunities for improvement of skills as well as personal enrichment.
  • InterGenerate is a conference designed for both practitioners and academics seeking to enhance life-long faith formation through intergenerational Christian experiences. Senior pastors, professors, age-level ministers, sociologists, church consultants - anyone who seeks to better understand and ultimately cultivate more intentionally intergenerational discipleship practices will find something at InterGenerate.
  • Faith Forward explores forward-thinking approaches to the spiritual formation of children and youth. Forward gatherings strive to help leaders and ministry partners re-imagine children’s and youth ministry through theology, relationship, and practice.