Much of the information previously contained in the annual Yearbook of the Christian Reformed Church is now available online and updated continuously. See sidebar for information about the print Yearbook.

Below is a list of sections in the former printed Yearbook, and links to the corresponding information online.

Ministry Phone Listings and Addresses
See Contact Us.

Special Days to be Observed in Our Churches
See Offering Calendar and the Events Calendar. See this PDF.

Remembering Those Who Served
See The Banner's most recently published In Memoriam. You may also search by name.

Directory of Deceased Ministers
See Ministers Directory. Filter by status or search by a specific name.

Classical Information
See Classis listing. Click classis name for details, maps, meeting dates, personnel, and more.
See this PDF of church statistics by classis.
For privacy reasons, classis personnel contact information is no longer published by the CRCNA. Check the classis website to see if they have chosen to publish it, or contact the stated clerk.

Denominational Summary
See this PDF of classical statistics.
See this PDF of classical membership growth statistics.
See this PDF of historical membership statistics (1963 - present).

Anniversaries of Churches
Compiled by the Historical Committee and published each year in the Agenda for Synod. See Synod Resources.

Changes in the Annual Church Listing
See this PDF.

Index to Churches and Ministries by Provinces and States
See Church Finder.

Directory of Churches and Ministries
See Church Finder.

Directory of Ministers
See Ministers Directory.
Contact info is not online. We suggest contacting the church or referring to the printed Yearbook.

Directory of Commissioned Pastors
See Commissioned Pastors Directory.
Contact info is not online. We suggest contacting the church or referring to the printed Yearbook.

Directory of Chaplains
See Ministers Directory and filter by status.

Denominational Offices
See Contact Us. See agency websites for more detailed contact listings.
See Board of Trustees.

Denominational Ministry Shares
See Ministry Shares website.

Agencies Recommended for Financial Support
See Our Ministries.
See Affiliated Agencies.
See Nondenominational Agencies.