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Peer Learning Group Grants

Peer Learning (PL) Group Grants offer pastors an opportunity to gather for learning, support, prayer, encouragement, and fellowship. Pastors are free to plan all aspects of their time together: who the group members will be, what topic they’ll pursue, when to meet, what books they’ll read, and if they’d like to attend a conference, have a retreat, or neither. Since the groups create their own plan, no two groups are alike.

Groups funded to date have focused on: spiritual growth, Sabbath, developing leadership within churches, contemporary culture, pastoral health, family systems theory, building strong relationships, ministry fit, and the list goes on.

All CRC congregational pastors are eligible to form a group and apply for a grant. There are some requirements that need to be met. For all the details have a look at the Overview of Peer Learning Grants

To date, 314 PL Grants have been awarded to 233 peer groups. Just over $1.5 million in grant funds have been distributed since the first grants were awarded in May 2003.

The maximum grant awarded is $3,000 USD. Peer groups may request two grants within a five year period.

Applications are accepted for the May 1 and November 1 deadlines. Pastors are strongly encouraged to submit a draft proposal at least two weeks before the due date. This allows some back and forth between the group coordinator and Pastor Church Resources. Any necessary fine-tuning of the application can be completed before the due date. We’re eager to work with you as you put your proposal together! Here is a completed, sample proposal.

Grants are announced by June 1 and December 1. Peer group expenses incurred before the grants are announced are not covered by the grant funds.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.




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