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The consultation staff of Thrive is available for consultation in times of growth, transition, or challenge by phone, email, and virtual or on-site visits. To begin your exploration of consultation resources please contact Rev. Sean Baker at [email protected] or Rev. Dave Den Haan at [email protected]. For a video that describes our consultation process please click on the following link: Thrive consultation process. Occasionally, we make use of resource persons beyond our staff.

Leadership Training 

Thrive staff are able to lead workshops for church councils and congregations. Sample themes/topics as follows:

  • Dealing with our differences (establishing a biblical framework, and exploring dynamics of conflict)
  • Conversations we want to have, but don’t know how to start
  • Team-building by sharing our stories
  • Exploring hospitality as a biblical theme and core to the DNA of being the church of Jesus
  • A problem to be solved? Or a polarity to be managed? Exploring the difference.
  • Viewing through different lenses to reframe and enhance our perceptions.
  • Navigating the transitions of life and ministry
  • All work and no play…