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What Have Grieving Pastors Said About Grief in General?

  1. Every situation of grief is unique. And every journey out of the depths of grief is unlike any other.
  1. Grief is organic-- it interacts with everything else in life, is shaped and being shaped by those things. No grief stands by itself in a corner. 
  1. Grief takes time and effort to process, and is never fully resolved. 
  1. Grief often comes in waves.
  1. Unresolved grief (grief that is unrecognized, unexplored, unvalidated by others) turns into anger. 
  1. Grief related to a tragedy that brings unfolding consequences, such as a life-altering accident, presents a special challenge. The loss is ambiguous, and the grief associated with it also feels ambiguous.
  1. Grief is like a whirlpool that pulls you under the water or a river that carries you away.