Photo: Karen Huttenga
Joe Vanden Akker, Classis Minnkota: “Words are important and especially as we use them in worship.”
Photo by Karen Huttenga

Synod 2016 adopted 13 new liturgical forms for use in the churches, following an extensive discussion that delved into the Christian Reformed Church’s theology regarding baptism and communion.

Delegates approved a number of edits to the forms that were written by professors of Calvin Theological Seminary, staff of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the CRC’s Worship Ministries, and others.

The extended discussion on wording had some delegates delighted that deep theological discussion was taking place on the floor of synod. Several other delegates reminded synod that not everyone reads these forms with theological insight and precision.

The new forms for communion, baptism, profession of faith, welcome of new members, ordination of commissioned pastors and chaplains, and ordination of elders and deacons will be translated into Korean and Spanish and will be made available online in a use-friendly format.