Photo: Karen Huttenga
Synod 2016 Delegates
Photo by Karen Huttenga

Synod 2016 advised Christian Reformed churches and classes (regional groups of churches) to invite, as much as possible, the presence and involvement of same-sex attracted members when dealing with matters that affect the lives and discipleship of same-sex attracted members.

It declined, however, to establish a panel of LGBT advisers to synod.

That request had come from Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan, which said, “It is a matter of justice that when the lives and faith journeys of some of us in the church are under discussion, that discussion must include the participation of those of us whose journey it is.”

Charles Kooger, a delegate from that classis, said, “It’s about hearing the voices. We need to know our neighbor’s journey.”

Several delegates objected that sexuality and sexual identities have moral dimensions that other categories of advisers to synod (women, ethnic minorities) do not. 

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I think Synod should have "lawyer advisors." Oh, they may be delegates already, just like plumbers, carpenters, dairy people, disabled people, single people, married people, first generation immigrant people, quiet people, thin people, obese people, French heritage people, libertarian people, socialist people -- and people who are LGBT(QI+)?

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Do I see a monkey with hands over ears here? I stand ashamed at the amount of fear present in so many of the stances, including this one, taken by the 2016 Synod.

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Thank you Synod 2016! There IS way too much fear present in the CRC. Fear of speaking the truth in love. If the church continues to slide dowhill with society it is nothing but a mirror of society. Thank you for standing firm.

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I thought this was a sad and low point in this year's synod. Jesus sought out all the marginalized and broke bread with them but we don't want them around. Then synod urged the congregations to do what it refused to do itself. What leadership! The more we try to keep the church pure, just for people like us only, the more we fail to be the church of Jesus.

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Thank you Synod 2016! I was a delegate at Classis Alberta South at the time this was brought forward. I was one of the few people not infavor of seating LBGTQ+ delegates. I stood up at that classis meeting and made a comment/comparison with those (mostly men) who struggle with Pornography. For both groups they struggle with great shame and guilt and if their sin is made public (often through gossip) they feel unwelcome in our churches. Both camps are sinners and deeply need God's grace. Should we not extend "advisorship" to all sinners then? Unfortunately there seems to be little help for those who struggle which is the important issue at hand. Surely if the issues of pastoral support, and the feelings of unacceptance of those individuals who are LGBTQ+ are important than there should be greater importance placed on pastoral support and help with those who struggle with pornography and lustful desires. If we consider the fact that half of the CRC members are likely men and most struggle with lust in some way we then have an a problem. A big problem...? An epidemic of those who struggle silently and in shame?

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