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Yearbook 2023 Available

April 19, 2023

Both hard-copy and digital versions of the Christian Reformed Church in North America’s Yearbook 2023 are now available for purchase through Faith Alive Christian Resources.

The Yearbook provides an annual update on churches, classes, and ministers in the denomination. The book also gives a statistical snapshot of memberships, baptisms, transfers, church beginnings, and church endings.

In September 2015 the board of the CRCNA (then known as the Board of Trustees) voted to approve the production of a much-simplified and more cost-effective version of the Yearbook.

At that time, several parts of the content from the annual publication moved to the CRCNA website and became publicly available with real-time updates when appropriate.

The printed Yearbook, however, also contains contact information for ministers of the Word, commissioned pastors, and non-CRC ministers serving the CRCNA. Much of this information was deemed too private to post online.

Content for the Yearbook is gathered through an annual survey of Christian Reformed congregations. The survey collects up-to-date minister and church information that is then produced in the Yearbook and put online at

“Prior to 2020, approximately 85 percent of churches responded to the survey questionnaire,” said Rebekah Vanden Akker, Yearbook coordinator. “In 2020 and 2021 the response rate dropped to 69.38 percent and 63.7 percent, respectively. In 2022 that percentage rose back up to 79.15. We encourage all churches to do all that they can to provide us with accurate information each year so that we can keep our data and information current.”

Not only does responding to the questionnaire help to provide accurate data for statistical purposes, but it also helps the congregations themselves. In addition to being published in the Yearbook, this information is utilized for the CRCNA Church Finder tool, making it available to visitors who are looking for a CRC church to attend.

Nearly 1,000 copies of the Yearbook are sold each year. Those who wish to purchase a copy can do so through Faith Alive Christian Resources. The book is available in regular paperback, spiral bound, and PDF download editions.