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Sandra McCracken to Be at Inspire 2022

February 9, 2022
Sandra McCracken
Sandra McCracken

God has promised that in our times of struggle, crisis, and worry, he will lead us back to himself, says Sandra McCracken, and she believes he often uses Scripture and song to do so.

Inspired by Psalm 43:3-4, which says, “Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight,” McCracken has published a book that she hopes will share this message with others. She will also be leading a workshop and concert at Inspire 2022.

The singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tenn., has released 14 solo albums over the past two decades. Her music, inspired by folk, gospel, and hymn traditions, often weaves together storytelling and Scripture.

In her book, Send Out Your Light: The Illuminating Power of Scripture and Song, released in Sept. 2021, McCracken uses a three-part style to convey her message.

“Part one is the becoming, the creation, how God makes us and gives us an identity. Part two is the disorientation of loss, displacement, and the dark night of the soul. Part three is reorientation, how God brings us through the darkness and illuminates our path with Scripture, sending us out to take his light to others,” explains the official book release from B&H Publishing.

McCracken says this describes the shape of her life. Songs and Scripture have been there to light her way, get her through the dark times, and help her respond to God’s call, she says. And this call has led her to share her singing and songwriting skills with others.

McCracken’s management team explains her style this way: “Blending the old and new, Sandra has shown a unique ability to recast sacred Scripture texts into theologically rich yet accessible songs.”

The approach has had popular appeal, with her songs being featured on such television programs as Grey’s Anatomy. In terms of spiritual impact, songs by McCracken have also become staples in congregations across North America. Some of those include “We Will Feast in The House Of Zion,” “Steadfast," and “Thy Mercy, My God.”

McCracken was scheduled to perform at Inspire 2021, which was postponed because of COVID-19, and she has graciously agreed to appear at Inspire 2022 instead, offering a concert for the final sending service. She will also lead a one-hour workshop titled “A Songwriter’s Journey through the Psalms.”

"We have all had to do a lot of improvisation this year in our lives as we have navigated the changes and challenges of the pandemic. In this and many other ways, emotions are running high, people are out of their comfort zones – and the Psalms speak to that so vividly,” McCracken said, referring to the workshop.

“In the Psalms, we find that our song has been written by someone before us, sung by many others along the way, and that God is giving us a new song again even now. Guided by the Psalms, we may know the comfort of God, feel the freedom to bring our hearts before him more fully, and see and know that he is good.”

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