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From Ruin to Restoration

December 22, 2021

The realities a disaster leaves families and communities with are daunting. Not being prepared to experience a disaster, life quickly changes not only after the terror of disaster like Hurricane Florence, but in the destruction that follows.

Hurricane Florence swept through North Carolina in 2018 and damaged communities like Ms. Elizabeth’s.

Hurricane Florence left the house in which Ms. Elizabeth raised her 10 children in ruin; with rotted subflooring, floor joists, mold on the walls and more. The winds tore shingles from the roof, allowing the rain in.

As challenging as it was, Ms. Elizabeth decided to weather the storm and stay, for the legacy of her family and home. Three months ago, Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders convinced her to move out for a short season, so teams like World Renew Disaster Response Services could bring it up to par, restoring the house and once again making it a home.

After other volunteer groups repaired the roofs and replaced doors, The Call to Build and World Renew volunteers got to work for almost 3 weeks, laying flooring, setting the kitchen countertop, painting, and more.

After the house blessing was done by World Renew, Ms. Elizabeth moved back into her home. By God’s grace, this happened before Thanksgiving and Christmas, giving her the possibility to spend the holiday season with her family in this incredibly special space. Ms. Elizabeth is thankful to be back at home, able to sleep in her own bed once again.