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A Plumber and a Pastor in India

October 27, 2021
A worship event led by ReFrame’s Hindi ministry partners in India.
A worship event led by ReFrame’s Hindi ministry partners in India.
Photo: Reframe Ministries

When ReFrame Ministries’ partners in India needed a plumber, it turned into a discipleship opportunity for an entire village.

ReFrame (formerly Back to God Ministries International) partners with an organization called Good Books Educational Trust in Ranchi, a large city in northeast India. When the building there needed some plumbing work done, they called a man named Rakjumar, who lived in a small village about 15 miles away.

“People in Rakjumar’s village are quite poor and depend on odd jobs in the city to make their living,” explained ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader.

When Rakjumar arrived at the building, he grew curious about the ministry that took place there. Rakjumar is one of the few Christians in his village, and he was looking for resources just like the ones that ReFrame produces to lead his small house church — including audio programs, video programs, and devotionals.

“He was elated,” said ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader. “He invited us to his village and began opening doors for our ministry there.”

With Rakjumar’s invitation, members of ReFrame’s Hindi ministry team visited about 20 members of the house church in his village, where they shared a short biblical message, prayer, and more resources to use.

ReFrame’s partners host several of these events each year, allowing them to spread the gospel with their resources and equip churches like Rakjumar’s. Please join them in praying for the members of this small church, and others where they have visited.