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New Regional Mission Leader for Western USA

March 17, 2021
Clarence Presley prays for football team after a championship game.
Clarence Presley (right) prays for football team after a championship game.
Photo: Samuel Joung

Resonate Global Mission recently appointed Clarence Presley as the new regional mission leader for the Western USA region. Presley brings years of church leadership and innovative ministry experience to the role.

“I really feel like God is calling me into this position,” said Presley.

Resonate, the mission agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, exists to help individuals and congregations to engage God’s mission—both in their neighborhoods and throughout the world. Resonate’s regional mission leaders throughout Canada and the United States lead teams of local mission leaders to partner with and support churches, individuals, and ministries in context-specific ministry.

Presley brings more than two decades of ministry experience to this position. He previously served as a local mission leader in the Pacific Northwest with Resonate; he planted Word of Truth church in Seattle, Wash.; and he developed the Kingdom in Neighborhood (KIN) network for pastors, ministry leaders, and other persons of peace in communities.

“Clarence comes into this position as a really experienced practitioner. He has done such good work in his city, both in his church but also in his neighborhood,” said Kevin DeRaaf, who leads Resonate’s ministry in North America.

“Clarence’s voice is such a gift. To welcome him into this leadership role is really just such good news not just for the Western USA region but for all of us in the CRCNA.”

Presley is passionate about creative and innovative approaches to holistic mission that transforms people’s lives and communities. He has years of experience spearheading this work, including starting a football league to help bridge conversations between police officers and residents that lead to peace, respect, and mutual understanding. Serving more than 8,000 people today, the football league has helped bring together parents, youth, and police officers, who serve as coaches.

Presley is also an experienced consultant and coach, and he’s excited to partner with churches and individuals throughout the Western USA region.

“I love seeing people ‘get it’ and being released into what they’re called to do,” he said. “Just seeing the potential that lies within the Western USA region and the CRCNA really excites me. I’m excited about the possibility of seeing people and churches living into their full potential of God’s call on their life and community.”

He is especially excited about the creative ways God is working in communities and throughout the world.

“There are a ton of new things that are bubbling up as we speak within churches and individuals,” said Presley. “I’m excited about the imagination of some of those who are sitting in classes or who are committed to their churches and communities throughout the region. I’m excited to hear their stories.”

If you and your church want to learn more about engaging God’s mission—both in your neighborhood and throughout the world—you can connect with your Resonate regional mission leader. Send us an email at [email protected].