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Loving Your Neighbor

January 13, 2021

Photo by Resonate Global Mission

Bayai, which means people who do the wrong thing, is what the congregation of Pentecostal Assemblies of God in Soroti, Uganda, called the group of men who lived just outside the wall surrounding their church building.

The men wash cars for a living, which doesn’t provide much income. They smoke and drink, and a lot of people in the community looked down on them. Once, the church did too.

But then Atiko Martin, an elder of the church, felt convicted to see the men through God’s eyes and share the love of Christ with them.

Equipping leaders to share the gospel in their communities is an important way Resonate works throughout the world. Martin has participated in Timothy Leadership Training and Educational Care training facilitated by Resonate Global Mission and was invited to attend a TEA conference in Zambia that Resonate supports. After participating in a workshop led by Resonate missionaries, Martin decided to act.

Watch this video to see God at work in Uganda!