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August 5, 2020

Podcast listeners are now able to access all of the podcast learning available from the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) — from one main podcast library page.

Podcasts covering topics from pop culture to Scripture to justice issues to church communications are linked in the podcast library. The new page makes it easy for listeners to find their favorite podcasts and to discover new podcasts that may interest them.

“Podcasts are a convenient and increasingly popular way of receiving content these days,” said Kristen deRoo VanderBerg, director of communications for the CRCNA. “As more CRCNA ministries move into creating podcast content, we thought it would be helpful to provide a curated list to make them easy to find and simple to listen to. As I put together the list, I was surprised by the array of good, Reformed content on a variety of topics that is available.”

Several ministries offer podcasts alongside written articles and other resources. Groundwork, a weekly podcast in which pastors Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee dig into Scripture, has a long history in audio communication, while others, like Think Christian, have added the podcast format to their ministry communications within the past year or two.

Many listeners appreciate the format of podcasts because they allow a person to listen and learn, often while also doing something else, such as exercising, commuting, or cooking. Some people living with limited vision or literacy appreciate being able to access learning by audio rather than by visual media.

Kids Corner offers two podcasts for children: Terrene episodes and Bible Stories. The programs are fully dramatized audio stories that engage children’s imaginations and teach lessons about living God’s way.

Church Juice is designed for anyone working in church communications: pastors, administrators, bloggers, website and social media managers, and more. In Church Juice podcasts, host Bryan Haley invites church communicators as guests to discuss best practices, good resources, tech tips, and other matters related to keeping churches and communities connected.

In the Today devotional podcast, each day’s Scripture, devotional reading, and prayer are read aloud.

ReWrite Radio, a podcast from Calvin University’s Festival of Faith and Writing, features sessions from previous years’ festivals, including conversations with writers and readers, readings, interviews, lectures, and panel discussions.

Spanish-language podcasts Entre Amigos and Ministerio Reforma Podcast are also linked on the page.

Several of the podcasts featured in the podcast library are created by ReFrame Ministries (the English language ministry of  Back to God Ministries International). Robin Basselin is the associate director for content strategy at ReFrame. Reflecting on the popularity of podcasts, she noted, “Overall, podcasts offer our listeners easy and on-demand listening, and they enable us to reach listeners in those ‘in between’ moments of their lives — while driving, waiting in line, or working out.”

Josh Larsen at Think Christian appreciates the opportunity for greater connectivity offered through podcasts. “The Think Christian podcast is a conversational extension of what we do at the TC website: offer Reformed reflection on the latest in pop culture,” he said.

“Whereas writing and publishing web posts can feel a bit impersonal, this is a chance to foster closer relationships with our rotating roster of podcast guests - all passionate believers who also happen to be TV, music, and movie nerds. Hopefully listeners — by getting to know our voices along with our words — feel more connected to our ministry as well,” he added.

Links to these and other podcasts can be found here.