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‘Ebenezer Stones’ on Mackinac Island

August 25, 2021
Ebenezer Stones stacked on Mackinac Island.
Ebenezer Stones stacked on Mackinac Island.
Photo: Emily Vanden Heuvel, Reframe Ministries

Throughout Emily Vanden Heuvel’s house hangs several framed photographs with rocks stacked on top of one another. While stacking rocks makes for a pretty picture, there is a deeper meaning behind these rocks.

“Each photo is taken at various places my family visited, and they are all Ebenezers,” explained Vanden Heuvel, who serves as ReFrame Ministries’ English Prayer Team leader. “Ebenezer is a biblical Hebrew word that literally means ‘stone of help.’ The stone pile was a reminder of the Israelites’ total dependence on God and how he graciously provided for them.”

Using the image of Ebenezer Stones, Vanden Hevuel recently shared a reflection on God’s grace with more than 7,500 Prayer Team members. Each week, the team prays for requests that come from ReFrame’s online followers.

Beth is one of these followers, and she had a particularly moving story of her own ebenezer stones in her own life.

“I too, have a big Ebenezer Stone,” Beth wrote. “Today it is one month ago that the Lord took home my dear husband, Henry… My Yahweh is my Rock, I hold on to him, and find my daily strength!”

Beth regularly joins the Prayer Team conversations, lifting up others’ requests and sometimes adding her own to ReFrame’s prayer request page. A few months before Henry passed away, she reached out to the team asking for prayers for healing, and when he ultimately did pass away, she sent another encouraging message to the Prayer Team.

“Henry, my dear husband, has received his healing, not the way we expected, but he is now with the Lord. My prayer was that I may hold him in my arms the moment our Lord would take him in His arms. My prayer was answered! I will miss him terribly, but am not sorrowing without hope.”

You can join the Prayer Team or add your own requests at Reframe Ministries prayer.

“Thank you for sending out weekly prayer requests for those who are in need or need a touch of his healing power,” Beth added. “I am honoured, and humbled to bring them to the Throne of Grace. May our God continue to bless you in your work.”