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Dordt College Offers Android Apps

September 17, 2013

During the summer, Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa held a week-long workshop for faculty and staff interested in learning to develop applications or "apps” for the Android cell phone operating system.

In a three-week period, participants refined and finished three apps that support the work of Dordt College in unique ways.

Iowa Prairie Locator, developed by Jeff Ploegstra, professor of environmental studies, identifies the locations of all prairies found in Iowa. Users can find specific prairie locations and receive driving directions.

The Dordt College Map Tour, developed by Sandy Reitsma, a Dordt College computer support specialist, provides an interactive map of the campus.

The app allows users to browse through the buildings on campus, view the location of buildings on Google Maps, and creates directions to and from locations on campus.

The Connections Photo Directory, developed by Gary De Young,  professor of mathematics works, allows users to look up listings in their directory and then map an address, call, or email an individual.

Kari Sandouka, the workshop facilitator and a computer science professor, hopes that this workshop will translate into a class for Dordt students.

“For the most part, a three-credit class for students would be similar to the workshop, but instead of a quick and broad overview like what we were able to do during the workshop, there would be time for learning more about how apps work,” said Sandouka.