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CRC Congregations Invited to Join in Day of Justice, Aug. 19

August 1, 2018

Christian Reformed Church congregations are encouraged to commemorate the CRC’s first Day of Justice on Aug. 19 in whatever ways they set fit to honor the theme of the day.

However, a range of justice resources are available for churches to use in worship or in other ways.

If this date doesn’t work, churches are asked to pick another day is better for them.

“Doing justice can come in a variety of actions. As the church, may CRC members use their resources towards those who need hope,” said Reggie Smith, director of the CRC’s Office of Social Justice and Race Relations.

Designated by Synod 2017, this day is a time to remember as “Christians, we are called to a lifetime of justice and righteousness,” says the website linking to the resources.

“In the earliest parts of the Old Testament, God calls people to be stewards of creation and to care for their brothers and sisters.”

Then in the New Testament, “Jesus models a new kind of justice that includes extending the gospel to all people, appropriately challenging authority, and caring for the “least of those” among us.”

In the words of the synodical recommendation, “This day will serve as a designated time for congregations to consider the meaning of biblical justice, to lament injustices in the world, and to commit themselves to the transforming work of standing alongside people whom society oppresses and pushes to the margins.”

The timing of the Annual Day of Justice, the third Sunday in August,  aligns with the United Nations designated World Humanitarian Day in its call “for global solidarity with the more than 130 million people around the world who need humanitarian assistance to survive.”