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A Call to Worship for Tragedy in Charleston

June 19, 2015
Christian Reformed Church

The Christian Reformed Church is asking its churches this Sunday to join in prayer to commemorate what happened last Wednesday night in Charleston, S.C., when a young gunman killed nine people and wounded several others at one of the oldest black churches in the nation.

A small group of people were gathered at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for a weekly Bible study when the incident occurred.

Among those attending the study was the young white man who, after sitting among his black hosts for several minutes, produced a firearm and began killing church members and leaders as they were calling out to God in prayer.

Among those killed were six women and three men, one of whom was the church’s pastor and a state senator, Clementa Pinckney.

The gunman is in custody and indications are that he acted because of his hatred for people of color.

“This act has been condemned by people of all races as ungodly, heinous and contemptible… and churches around the world are praying for God’s favor as we ask for comfort for the families and friends of all involved… as well as for peace and understanding in our communities,” says a CRC announcement.

The CRC is asking all churches consider using this litany to cry out to God for his intervention as we mourn this tragedy.