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About Us

The Indigenous Ministry is made up of a national committee (Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee), three Urban Indigenous Ministries, and a Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice, each using their strengths to support healing and reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous people in Canada. It is rooted in a recognition of our Creator’s love for all creation and in the understanding that we all have gifts to offer one another.

The Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee (CIMC) works with CRC members and congregations to respond to God’s call to live in reconciled relationships as covenant (treaty) people before our Creator. It provides leadership and support for learning about Indigenous justice and reconciliation and in putting good words and theology of healing, reconciliation and justice into action.  

The three Urban Indigenous Ministries situated in Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton each strive to create a space where Indigenous people can feel safe, valued and respected to use their gifts and to grow.

Adrian Jacobs

The Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation provides staff support to the Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee and facilitates communication within the Indigenous Ministry, congregations and other agencies where common justice concerns are shared. You can contact Adrian Jacobs at [email protected] anytime.