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Have an idea? Apply for an Ignite grant.

Ministry ideas are welcome from anywhere in the CRC—churches, classes, ministries, and more. The application process is simple. We’ve developed 4+1 questions for you to answer if you’re applying for a grant of less than $10,000. Applications that reflect new ideas and cutting-edge ministry concepts will be given priority. If you need assistance applying for an Ignite grant, email [email protected].

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The Ignite Review Team

Proposals specific to Ignite will be reviewed and decided upon by an Ignite Review Board of seven to nine members: three to five Ignite donors, two CRCNA Foundation board members (one Canadian member and one U.S. member), and two ministry or agency staff of the CRCNA. This group is charged with reviewing applications, asking for additional information, providing grant-making decisions, and reviewing follow-up measures elicited by staff. The Ignite Review Team meets monthly to review ministry ideas and make monthly grant distributions.

An Ignite Review Team member will be assigned to each ministry idea that receives Ignite funding to follow up with the ministry, receive updates, answer questions, work through difficulties, and more.