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Ignite encourages and enables new ministry innovation and initiatives by providing seed money, and other resources to support new ministries for a short time until they can sustain themselves through their own support or through an agency, ministry, church, or classis. Ignite aims to invest at least $200,000 each year in 12 or more new ministry ideas.

Ignite grants are available for new ideas and new ministry. Ministry ideas are welcome from anywhere in the CRC—churches, classes, ministries, and more. To maximize the impact of Ignite grants, each ministry idea will be considered by a review board made up of donors, ministry staff, and CRC Foundation board members. The board will review applications, distribute funds, and review the impact of the new ministry idea.

Ignite has equipped and advanced 85+ ministry projects. Yours could be next.

Since 1996, the CRC has invested more than $9 million in new ministry initiatives, advancing over 85 ministries, such as the Timothy Lead­ership Training Institute, Partners Worldwide, Youth Unlimited, Christian Stewardship Services, Resonate church planting, and more. Originally founded by a group of CRC members, the fund grew from the idea to create a way to resource new ministry innovation by providing seed money, and then to support the new ministry for a short time until it could support itself. This funding program begun by the CRC Foundation is now called Ignite.

Questions about giving to Ignite or applying for an Ignite grant? Contact us!

In the US:

Jeff Bolt
Director of Advancement for the CRC Heritage Fund
(616) 224-0817 or 877-282-6204
[email protected]

In Canada:

Terry Veldboom
Canada Director of Advancement
(905) 336-2920 or 800-730-3490
[email protected]