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Join us as we bear witness to what God is doing,
and to be inspired for where He is calling us to next  in ministry.

“Gather” means to come together. We gather weekly in our churches. We gather as family and friends for weddings and funerals. We gather for Christmas and family reunions. When we gather, we enjoy fellowship and communion with one another, but we also usually have a purpose. 

This year, the Christian Reformed Church is inviting you to gather. And similar to events intended to celebrate, commemorate, witness or remember, these gatherings will also have a defined purpose…renewal of our churches!

To “gather” also means to bring together insights and wisdom from scattered sources. We will do that as we listen to each other’s stories, hear insights from denominational staff who have been visiting churches across the continent, and most importantly as we pray together and listen to what the Spirit is telling us.

Let’s gather to bear witness to what God is already doing, and be inspired for where God is calling us to next in our ministry.

Interested in Attending?

Those interested in attending a Gather event should indicate their interest to the stated clerk or other leadership of their classis. Each classis will be asked to select a delegation of 10 people. 

Gather Stories

In 2015, the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church in North America collaborated to plant a new kind of church in a disinvested neighborhood in Detroit. This is their story.

Following God's lead, Pastor Marcelo Viana started Amber Church in Winnipeg and invited recent, Brazilian immigrants into his home for worship. As the church grew, he and his wife soon recognized they would need a larger facility. God led them to Covenant CRC in Winnipeg, and through a partnership of faith they were able to rent a chapel from a Christian school.