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Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee

The Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee (EIRC) is appointed by the synod of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) to engage and participate in the life of the global church, particularly interacting with churches and ecumenical organizations that share the heritage of the Reformed understanding of the Christian faith, and offering advice on matters of interfaith dialogue.

EIRC has drawn together resources that provide a Reformed perspective on the biblical teaching and theological conclusions regarding interchurch relationships and interfaith dialogue. It is the hope and prayer of EIRC that the churches and members of the denomination will enthusiastically embrace these types of relationships and dialogue.

Questions or comments may be addressed to:
Zachary King (General Secretary of the CRC)
Al Postma (Transitional Executive Director, Canada)

Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee Members

Mr. Jake Bentum (Woodstock, ON)
Rev. Roy Berkenbosch (Sturgeon County, AB)
Dr. Lyle Bierma (Grand Rapids, MI)
Ms. Eleanor Boersma Sarkany (St. Catherines, ON)
Rev. Ryan Braam (Brighton, ON)
Rev. Joy Engelsman (Denver, CO)
Mr. William Kranhke (Princeton, MN)
Dr. John Lee (New York, NY)
Dr. Shirley Roels (Grand Rapids, MI - chairperson)
Ms. Yvonne Schenk (Thunder Bay, ON)

Under their Synodical mandate, the EIRC appoints a special subcommittee to focus on interfaith matters. The subcommittee members are the following:

Zack DeBruyne
Michael Kooy
Tim Rietkerk
Naji Umran
Frans van Liere
Cory Willson