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Resources for Examinations for Ordination

Occasionally the denominational offices receives requests for help in preparing for an exam for ordination.  This page is intended to respond to those requests, and to direct such persons toward resources that are available.

  1. Church Order Guidance:
    1. For candidates for Minister of the Word, see Church Order Supplement, Article 10
    2. For those approved to be involved in a “Colloquium Doctum,” see Church Order Supplement, Article 8.E.4.
    3. For those examined for the office of Commissioned Pastor, see Church Order Supplement, Article 23-a.
  2. Synod 2007 approved a very helpful document titled “Guidelines for Classical Ministry Leadership Teams in Preparing Ministry Leaders for the Christian Reformed Church”  (Agenda for Synod 2007, pp. 305-10). This document reflects on the standards for ordained pastoral ministry and offers a variety of sample questions.
  3. The denominational office is happy to provide sample questions submitted by those who have conducted oral exams or doctrinal conversations for either prospective Ministers of the Word or Commissioned Pastors:
    1. Commissioned Pastor exam questions used by Rev. Mary-Lee Bouma in Classis B.C. North-West.