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Charitable Lead Trust

How It Works

Imagine being able to support causes close to your heart while also minimizing your tax burden. That's exactly what Margaret achieved through a charitable lead trust. By transferring assets into the trust, she not only provided vital support to charities like CRCNA, but also enjoyed significant tax benefits over a 10-year period. Margaret's annual gift of $10,000 made a real difference, and you could do the same or even more by donating a percentage of your trust's initial value.

And here's the best part: after a decade of making a difference, any remaining assets can come back to you or your chosen beneficiaries. This means your impact lasts long after your initial contribution.

But it's not just about tax advantages; it's about leaving a legacy and making a meaningful impact on causes that matter. With a charitable lead trust, you have the power to create positive change while securing your financial future. Join Margaret in making a lasting difference through smart, strategic giving.

Protect Your Assets

If you're passionate about supporting CRCNA now and securing your family's future, a charitable lead trust offers an excellent solution. This trust allows you to transfer assets, such as cash or other investments, into a trust that makes regular payments to CRCNA for a specified period. Once that term ends, the remaining trust assets pass on to your chosen family members or beneficiaries.

Charitable lead trusts offer two payment options to CRCNA:

  • Charitable Lead Annuity Trust: This option guarantees a fixed annual payment to CRCNA, making it particularly attractive when interest rates are low.
  • Charitable Lead Unitrust: With this approach, the annual payments to CRCNA are variable, based on the trust's asset value. If the trust assets appreciate, the payments to CRCNA increase accordingly, offering flexibility as assets grow.

By setting up a charitable lead trust, you can make an immediate impact at CRCNA while ensuring your family's financial well-being in the future.

Charitable Information

Please consult with your bank representative or investment advisor if you are considering this gift.  If you include the Christian Reformed Church in North America in your plans, please use our legal name and CRA Registered Charity Number.

  • Legal Name:The Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) 
  • Address: 3475 Mainway PO Box 5070 STN LCD 1 Burlington, ON L7R 3Y8 Canada
  • Registered Charity No. #856901285 RR0002