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Soon, (if they haven’t already) canvassers will be coming to your front door to discuss their candidate with you.  These interactions are a great opportunity to seek justice and speak hope in the public sphere.  

When we’re not prepared it can be difficult to know what we should be asking these candidates, especially in the area of justice. This is why we’ve called on friends of the Centre for Public Dialogue to welcome you to their front doors this election season to share the topics and questions they will be bringing up when candidates come calling. 

It is our hope that these videos will prompt your own preparation! 

All of these are big questions and are bound to start some conversations - and those conversations are the seeds of hope, justice and bearing witness. Stay tuned for more election resources, and by all means feel free to reach out to our team if you have questions, or want support on how to talk about a justice that’s not addressed in our videos.  Thanks for meeting us at the front door.

Get the full questions in the video series! 

  • Mike Hogeterp: Mike introduces this series and gives his questions on climate change, Indigenous justice, and refugee justice.  
  • Joanne Vandergrift: Joanne a regional organizer with the Climate Witness Project asks here questions about climate change for candidates.
  • Dena Nicolai:  Dena shares her insightful questions for candidates as someone working in the field of refugee sponsorship. 
  • Colin Conrad: Colin will be asking his candidates deep questions about addressing climate change when they come to his door.  
  • Cindy Stover: Our justice mobilizer discusses her questions on Indigenous justice and equity in education.
  • Lea Wilkening:  Lea brings questions on housing and homelessness at her front door.