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What is The Healthy Church Survey?

  • The survey is a method that investigates the opinions or experiences of a congregation by asking them questions. The Healthy Church survey was designed and continues to be curated by the research staff at the Calvin University Center for Social Research.
  • A unique feature of the Healthy Church survey is that it asks respondents to register their reflections on the health of the church and the health of their own spiritual lives. The relationships between data points in those two data sets are examined during the processing of the survey results.
  • The survey urges a church to consider broader definitions of church health than merely “are we growing?” or “are we making budget?”

By the Numbers

  • 11 - number of survey measurement areas both in terms of how your people see your church and in terms of how they live out their own faith.
  • 6 - number of phases that the survey process encompasses 
  • 6-9 - number of months for typical church involvement
  • 60+  - number of congregations throughout the US and Canada that have completed or have been actively involved in a Healthy Church survey (as of 2018).

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