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Health Areas Measured by the Healthy Church Survey

Healthy Church looks at three areas of church health and individual spiritual health, using eleven markers:

The health of our upward life

  1. Centrality of the Word of God - Is the Bible the foundation of our teaching and preaching? Are we applying God's word in every area of life? Do we proclaim and teach the bible in a clear, theologically sound and practical way that reflects the Reformed confessions? Do we preach the gospel of Christ to a lost and broken world?
  2. Authentic Spirituality - Are we aware of our inclination to be conformed to this world? Does our congregation depend on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit? In every area of life does our church enable and encourage us to know God and follow him? Do we practice the spiritual disciplines in our daily lives?
  3. Transforming Worship - Does our worship life engage our hearts, minds and emotions in glorifying God? Do the sacraments of baptism and Lord's Supper have an integral place in our worship? Is worship planned to engage and influence both Christians and those not yet committed to Christ? Does the church appeal to various generations attending worship services?

The health of our inward life

  1. Loving Relationships - Are we building loving relationships in which there is room to disagree? Are we intentionally creating opportunities for individuals to engage with one another in practical ways in our congregation? Do we strengthen relationships with small groups and mutual accountability? Do we use biblical principles in handling conflicts?
  2. Children and Youth Ministry - Does our congregation make childrens' ministry a high priority and does it have a strategy for the faith formation of children and youth? Do we support parents in their efforts to nurture the faith of their children? Do our young people remain committed to Christ and His church after becoming adults? Do we include children and youth in all aspects of congregational ministry?
  3. Intentional Disciple Making - Do we measure effectiveness by how members' attitudes and behavior mirror Christ? Do we have a clear picture of the disciple making process and is that built into the fabric of our church? Are we committed to seeing each member use their spiritual gift(s) in context of the church?
  4. Servant Leadership - Are our leaders committed to developing and empowering leaders in our church? Are our leaders more concerned about members' spiritual development than their own success? Do leaders work as a team and are they held to a high standard of godliness and competence?

The health of our outward life

  1. Mission/Vision - Does our congregation have a clear sense of our church's mission and compelling vision for its future? Do we periodically assess all areas of our church's effectiveness based on our mission, vision and goals? Are we willing to sacrifice, change, take risks, even suffer for sake of the gospel?
  2. Generous Stewardship - Do we joyfully share our time, talents and treasures in ministries of the congregation, classis and denomination? Do we teach stewardship principles? Does our church build on gifts in our church and community? Does our church promote faithful stewardship of God's creation?
  3. Kingdom Extension - Are we passionate about reaching our community, nation and world with gospel? Are we engaged in the surrounding community? Do our members bear personal witness to their faith in Christ?
  4. Justice and Righteousness Advocacy - Do we proclaim the biblical message of fairness and equity for all, advocating for justice in the world? Does our congregation demonstrate God's passion for poor, disenfranchised and homeless? Do we minister effectively to people with disabilities, those who have suffered abuse, and others who suffer in our community?