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For Worship

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship — Belhar Worship Service Collection

Reformed Worship — Unity, Reconciliation, Justice: A Series on the Belhar Confession

Reformed Worship — Hungering for Righteousness: A Six-Week Series on Food and Hunger

Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee — Litany for Indigenous Ministry

Reformed Church in America — The Belhar Confession: Singing, Praying, and Preaching

Lift Up Your Hearts — Affirmation: The Unity of the Body

Reformed Worship (March 2016) — Reconciliation and Pentecost: A Worship Series

For Children

Illuminating the Forgotten Parts of the Church: A Sunday school lesson on the Belhar Confession

For Youth

Experiencing Prejudice in our Midst: A youth study lesson on the Belhar Confession

For Adults

Concrete Spirituality by Johannes N.J. Kritzinger (After exploring the message of Article 4 of Belhar, the article analyzes eight liturgical features of Melodi ya Tshwane, an inner-city congregation of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA), showing how beauty and justice interact in those acts of worship.)

From the Heart of God: A Study of the Belhar Confession (5 sessions, with 4 accompanying videos of personal perspectives, available to view online, about 3 minutes each)

From the Heart of God: 28 Devotional Readings on the Belhar Confession (reflections written by Pastor Reginald Smith, Pastor Marvin J. Hofman, and Kathy Vandergrift)

Unity, Reconciliation, and Justice: A Study Guide to the Belhar Confession (RCA, 2006)

By Word and Spirit: A 25-day devotional guide on the scriptural foundations of the Belhar Confession (RCA, 2009)

A Summary of the Historical Context of the Belhar Confession (PCUSA)

The Presbyterian Outlook — Neither Calendar Nor Clock: Perspectives on the Belhar Confession by Piet Naude

Note: As instructed by Synod 2017, footnotes have been added to provide clarity around key aspects of the Belhar Confession.