We share the following resources in the hope that they may contain ideas for those interested in forming peer learning groups or in sponsoring continuing education events for pastors. This list has been compiled from suggestions made to the Pastor Church Resources staff and is not intended to be exhaustive. PCR doesn’t necessarily agree with everything presented in these resources. Discernment is always needed.



The following articles come from a variety of CRC and non-CRC publications.
Resources for Pastors on a number of topics including leadership, mentoring, pastoral care, spiritual disciplines and more.
A number of resources are available from Faith Alive on topics such as prayer, leadership, worship and more.
The Network is the place where pastors can share their experience and resources in engage in discussions about ministry.
The Pastors' Spiritual Vitality toolkit is a new way to help nurture your life with God.
Information on developing a sabbatical policy, sample sabbatical policies, and sabbatical opportunities and resources.
A variety of articles and other resources published by pastors and leaders in and around the Christian Reformed Church.
Free resources related to leadership, mentoring, marriage, ministry, retirement, search committees and more.