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This year, we are anchoring our Sanctity of Human Life commemoration in Our World Belongs to God, the Contemporary Testimony of the Christian Reformed Church, Article 44. Because of our call to treat all life with awe and respect—from the womb to the tomb—we invite you to explore a holistic ethic of life as it relates to the unborn, people with disabilities and end of life issues:

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As a church, we continue to grieve with those touched by the brutality of abortion. We pray for women, men and families whose lives have been forever changed, and we cling to the restoring power of the Holy Spirit. Learn more here about how we can continue to advocate for the unborn and utilize our resource guide.

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The vulnerable

As we protest and resist all harms that diminish the gift of life, we faithfully work to embrace people with disabilities, not only as recipients of God’s love, but as partners in ministry. Visit our disability concerns resource page for a comprehensive start to inclusive ministry and church accessibility.

End of Life Issues

As legislative decisions with respect to end of life care and issues continue to alarm the faith community, we continue to condemn the wanton or arbitrary destruction of any human being at any stage—including end of life. We lament the lack of respect of the moral agency of vulnerable individuals which are often dismissed in these conversations. We pray for a deeper reverence of life and a commitment to justice. For more information, resources and advocacy opportunities on this topic, see here.