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Special Note for Bulletin Editors and Church Administrators:

June 11, 2023 is the suggested offering Sunday for the Candidacy Committee. Candidacy Sunday offers churches a great opportunity to thank God for the men and women who anticipate being approved as ministry candidates each year at synod. Digital resources are available on the Network for a bulletin announcement, pulpit announcement, power point slide, and worship litany. Find resources for this special Sunday at

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Indigenous Ministry

Hearts Exchanged: This Fall - Hearts Exchanged is a learning and action journey designed to equip Reformed Christians to engage with Indigneous people as neighbours. It's a great way to learn more about the history of Canada. You can participate in a cohort with people from your area! Read more and express your interest today.


ICS Summer Course - In the summer ICS course "State, Society, and Religion in Hegel's Philosophy" with Andrew Tebutt, explore the domains of ethical life, law, and civil society as they enable and support our freedom as self-conscious beings. Delve into the practices of art and religion and how they are interwoven with social and political life. Learn about Hegel's role in constructing the modern West's category of religion and examine how to think about religion and religious differences beyond Eurocentrism. This course runs from July 3-August 11, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1pm-3pm. Tuition is $1,500 to take for credit or $600 to audit (or $400 for first-time auditors). To learn more or register, email [email protected]

Workshops Available - The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services has several workshops available during the month of June on topics such as mental health, combating violence, serving veterans, caring for seniors, and securing places of worship in the event of an active shooter. Learn more and register for these free workshops at

Grant Funding Available - Does your church have a program to support healthy aging? There may be grant funds available to support your church in serving in areas of Alzheimer's and related dementias, direct care workforce; elder justice; respite; rural health; and addressing social determinants of health. Learn more and apply at

ReFrame Ministries

Kids Corner: What Does God Want Me to Do Right Now? - Check out the new kids’ devotion at What if God, the Creator of the universe, promised to give you whatever you wanted? That’s right! Anything you could want or imagine. What would you ask for? Check out all the great content at like the KC eBook “Helping Kids Find Their Role in God’s Story.”

Kids Corner: An Attitude of Gratitude - Check out the new kids’ devotion at Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness, and it helps you remember what you’re grateful for. The psalm writers were grateful for all that God had done for them. And they wrote these blessings down so that we the readers could share in them too. Check out all the great content at like the Liz and Friends episode “Delayed.”

Family Fire - is an online community exploring Spirit-led family, marriage, parenting, in-laws, blended families, and intimacy. Find encouraging articles and devotions at Subscribe for regular email updates and connect with our Family Fire community on Facebook.

Family Fire - is an online community exploring Spirit-led family, marriage, parenting, in-laws, blended families, and intimacy. Find encouraging articles and devotions at Subscribe for regular email updates and connect with our Family Fire community on Facebook.

Diaconal Ministries Canada

Youth Justice Project - Diaconal Ministries Canada is helping teens make a difference in their communities! Through the Youth Justice Project, we encourage youth to identify an injustice in their community and share ways they hope to address it. Approved applicants receive up to $6000 in grants, one-on-one coaching, and support from NewGround staff. Find out more on our website:

World Renew

Extend Christ’s Love to Provide Justice for All - In many developing countries, education is not free and sometimes, parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Instead, children work to help support their families and, in some communities, girls are not allowed to attend school, simply because they are girls. World Renew provides communities with gender justice training to ensure that the rights of girls and women, and other vulnerable people are respected. Extend the love of Christ by joining us on Justice for All Sunday on June 25; learn more at

Help All Children Reach Their God-given Potential - When education is accessible and achievable for all, communities flourish. World Renew works to provide education for local leaders and communities on the importance of all children having the opportunity to attend school. We also provide trauma healing to help heal the wounds of those who have suffered abuse and have been denied opportunities to flourish and reach their God-given potential. For more information about Justice for All Sunday coming up on June 25, visit

Today is Justice for All Sunday - World Renew understands that God wants us all to learn to better understand his Word and become who he envisioned us to be. Your donation today will provide community support to help ensure that orphans and vulnerable children have access to education. Give online at or call1-888-WRLD-RNW and help communities overcome injustice, making education accessible for all.

Thank you for Joining Us for Justice for All Sunday! - Your gift on Justice for All Sunday is helping provide gender justice training, education for local leaders, trauma healing, and community support to ensure children are given the opportunity to attend school. Together, we can work towards providing education for children to flourish and reach their God-given potential. To learn more about how World Renew is answering God’s call for justice and mercy in our world, please visit: