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The offering this week is for World Renew and their efforts to fight global hunger. For more information, and for resources to help get the word out to members of your church, please go to www.crcna.org/ChurchYear. Thank you!

Format: 07/06/2020
Format: 07/06/2020
Format: 07/06/2020
Format: 07/06/2020
Format: 07/06/2020
Format: 07/06/2020

From Back to God Ministries International

GROUNDWORK: CHOOSING HOPE IN SUFFERING - When we have every right to lament and despair, what is the source for our continued hope? Join Groundwork as we listen to Job’s laments in chapters 13-21 and find out what he declares is the source of his continued hope at a time when it seems all hope is lost. Listen now at GroundworkOnline.com and subscribe to Groundwork's weekly emails for future episodes.
Wilderness Club - Check out our children’s programs at www.kidscorner.net. In this week’s episode, “Wilderness Club,” on a camping trip, Liz and the gang must learn to work together to survive in the wilderness and to rescue a friend! Listen now at kidscorner.net and subscribe to KC’s weekly emails for future episodes. Download the KC Sketchbook and draw and color all your favorite Kids Corner characters. https://kidscorner.net/activities

From Faith Formation Ministries

At-Home Faith Formation Tip - “Boredom is a crucial warning sign—as important in its own way as physical pain. It’s a sign that our capacity for wonder and delight, contemplation and attention, real play and fruitful work, has been dangerously depleted” from The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch (Baker Books). How might you refill those depleted areas at home this week? (Tip from Faith Formation Ministries; crcna.org/FaithFormation)

From World Renew

Join the Team at World Renew! - We are compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, we join communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. If you’re passionate about this mission and want to join our team check out the following career opportunities: Associate Director, Human Resources, based in Grand Rapids, MI; and Marketing Communications Writer - Parental Leave, based in Burlington, ON. See our website for more details about these opportunities and the links to apply: https://worldrenew.net/careers.

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