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Format: 06/22/2019
Format: 06/22/2019
Format: 06/22/2019
Format: 06/22/2019
Format: 06/22/2019
Format: 06/22/2019

From Back to God Ministries International

GROUNDWORK: CHRIST THROUGHOUT HISTORY - Why is Jesus Christ’s life the most important life ever lived? Why do people believe different things about him and where is the evidence in scripture? Join the conversation on passages like Colossians 1:15-20 and more, as Han-luen Kantzer Komline joins us again to continue our study of Jesus Christ. Listen now at GroundworkOnline.com and subscribe to Groundwork's weekly emails for future episodes.
LOAVES & FISHES - What are the best ways to show Jesus's love? Liz decides to do a great thing for God, while Lucille soon discovers an unexpected place for a mission trip. Listen now at kidscorner.net and subscribe to KC’s weekly emails for future episodes. Download KC’s Image Bearer Picture Frame Kit for a family activity today.

From CRC Communications

AGENDA SUPPLEMENT REPORTS POSTED - The following supplemental reports to the Agenda for Synod 2019 have been posted: Bivocational Task Force Report; Classis Name Change Report; Addressing the Abuse of Power Committee; recommended persons for candidacy; and others. Find them at crcna.org/synod
Canadian National Gathering 2019 - Members of CRC churches from across Canada will be gathering in Edmonton at King's University next weekend (May 24 - 26) to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the CRC. Through intense prayer, discussion, and celebrative worship, your fellow CRC members will try to discern where the Spirit may be leading the church in an increasingly secular age where actions speak louder than words. Please bathe Gathering 2019 with your prayers.
Pray for Inspire 2019 - Inspire 2019 is a conference to connect people from across the 1000+ churches in the Christian Reformed Church for three days of worship, workshops, speakers, and conversation. As we plan and prepare for this event, happening August 1-3 in Windsor, Ont., please join us in praying for the event and all who will attend. This week, please pray for worship team leaders Gail DeYoung and Jeremy Simpson. Pray for them as they make decisions about worship sessions at Inspire 2019 and as they plan and prepare. Pray that worship will be powerful and positive for all involved.

From Faith Formation Ministries

Family Faith Formation Tip - This week, dream with kids about what life in God’s “new heaven and new earth” (Rev. 21) might be like. What would a life without sin, sorrow, pain, and fear look like? What might be different? What might be the same? Talk about how each of you can use the gifts God has given you to bring healing in God’s world even now. (Faith Formation Ministries; crcna.org/FaithFormation)

From World Renew

Career Opportunities at World Renew - World Renew is currently recruiting for the following positions: Director of Donor Relations, USA, based in Grand Rapids, MI; Chief Advancement Officer based in Grand Rapids, MI; Monitoring and Evaluations Intern based in Grand Rapids, MI and Director of Donor Relations, Canada based in Burlington, ON. If you are passionate about seeing transformation as people are empowered to live healthy, fruitful lives, please see our website for more information on these positions, and for the links to apply: worldrenew.net/careers.
Discover Cambodia with World Renew - Join World Renew in Cambodia from October 31 to November 11, 2019. On this Discovery Tour, you’ll enjoy authentic cultural experiences, learn about Cambodian history and traditions, and engage with the work World Renew is doing in local communities. For more information, costs, and sample itinerary, go to worldrenew.net/discovercambodia or contact Andrew at globalvolunteer@worldrenew.net to register!
Thank you for Freeing Families from Poverty! - Many thanks for supporting families in need, like Moses and Loyce Egongu, through World Renew in last week’s offering for Free A Family® Sunday. Your financial and prayer support are providing people who live with poverty and hunger opportunities to meet their basic needs, become leaders in their communities, and know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Thank you for showing others God’s love for them through World Renew.
Young Adult Summer Experience in Uganda - World Renew is offering a 4-week summer experience for 18 to 24 year olds! If you want to volunteer internationally out of your commitment to spiritual growth, are motivated to humbly immerse yourself in a different culture, and willing to invite others into your journey, join World Renew’s Embark Uganda mission trip from July 8 to August 9, 2019! See details at worldrenew.net/volunteer/embark-uganda or contact Andrew at globalvolunteer@worldrenew.net to find out more!

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