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Format: 04/06/2020
Format: 04/06/2020
Format: 04/06/2020
Format: 04/06/2020
Format: 04/06/2020
Format: 04/06/2020

From Back to God Ministries International

GROUNDWORK: I BELIEVE IN THE SON’S LIFE AND DEATH. - Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith. Join Groundwork as we examine Luke 1:26-35, Matthew 27:11-26, Luke 23:44-46, and 1 Peter 3:18-20 to help us better understand what we profess to believe about Jesus’ life and death in the Apostles’ Creed. Listen now at GroundworkOnline.com and subscribe to Groundwork's weekly emails for future episodes.
Kids Corner Audio Drama - Check out Kids Corner’s Bible Stories Podcast, an immersive audio drama series that retells the greatest stories of the Bible! Choose from 30 stories spanning from Creation through the history of the Early Church, organized chronologically and thematically, each with its own coloring page. Learn more at network.crcna.org/childrens-ministry/dramas-telling-greatest-stories-bible
NEVER GIVE UP - Check out our children’s programs at www.kidscorner.net. In this week’s episode “Never Give Up,” Liz, Lucille, and Scooter all try to be perfect—and they all fail. Scooter now thinks that God might just give up on him. Is Scooter right? Listen now at kidscorner.net and subscribe to KC’s weekly emails for future episodes. Download this month’s Kids Corner Easter puzzle and game giveaway The Bible Challenge Activity Book Five. kidscorner.net/activities.

From Calvin Theological Seminary

Loving Your Neighbor Conference - Calvin Theological Seminary invites you to its third biennial Loving Your Neighbor Conference (LYN2020) held at the seminary from July 6th to July 8th, 2020. This year's conference theme is: Loving Your Neighbor: Forming Citizens of God’s Kingdom in Prison and Upon Re-entry. Our keynote speaker will be Reverend Dominique DuBois Gilliard. We invite pastors, ministry leaders, and lay members to this conference. For more information and to pre-register, visit www.calvinseminary.edu/lyn2020.

From Disability Concerns

Breaking Barriers - The Spring 2020 edition of Breaking Barriers is now available at https://network.crcna.org/disability-concerns/breaking-barriers%E2%80%94spring-2020 . Printed copies will be mailed later this year.

From Faith Formation Ministries

Good Friday At-Home Faith Formation Tip - Take some time today to reflect on the events of Good Friday. Read the story, and then use questions like these as you wonder about it: What would it be like to be a friend of Jesus that day? How would you feel? What would you do? (Tip from Faith Formation Ministries; crcna.org/FaithFormation)
Lent At-Home Faith Formation Tip - Spend time in the Easter story this week by engaging with it in a variety of ways. If you have kids in your life, read it and then retell it together as you act it out or use crayons, markers, collage or even Lego to depict various scenes. With other adults or on your own, read the story out loud several times, pausing in between to reflect and to circle or write down words that stand out for you. (Tip from Faith Formation Ministries; crcna.org/FaithFormation)

From Resonate Global Mission

From Resonate - Western Canada - Gathering God's People On the Interwebs! - If you would like some help in finding options for online worship & connection OR if you would like some help in getting your church online and connected, don't hesitate to contact your Resonate Western Canada Team (https://www.resonateglobalmission.org/western-canada). We're here to serve the church on mission! (Contact Regional Mission Leader Rich Braaksma rbraaksma@crcna.org). We are also wondering what you are doing that's unique and awesome, particularly for upcoming Holy Week and Easter. A couple churches are planning a "Drive-In Easter Service" with people greeting with horn honking and staying in their cars to listen to the message. Send an email with photos we can celebrate together! And finally, find here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B31mc7MbRHc) encouraging Scripture readings from members of the Resonate team around the world!

From The Banner

The Banner Available Online - You can access all of our content for free, including online extras at: thebanner.org. You can also sign up for our weekly email newsletter at thebanner.org/Signup. Or download our free mobile app, giving you real-time online content. Follow us on Facebook (crcbanner) and Twitter (@crcbanner).

From World Renew

Join the Team at World Renew! - World Renew is currently recruiting for a Program Coordinator to work with our International Disaster Response Team. This position, based in Burlington, Ontario, will work on the development of funding proposals to further our International Disaster response efforts. Working closely with local colleagues and international partners, the individual in this role will ensure that proposals are well formulated and in line with institutional donor requirements; develop templates and orientation material to help guide the proposal development processes; build and maintain strong communication and relationships with relevant donor staff; and provide surge support in time of sudden onset emergencies. More information about this position, and the link to apply online can be found at worldrenew.net/careers.

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