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The standard price for The Bridge App is $59 US per month. 

However, through a special arrangement between CRCNA Ministry in Canada and the app developer, Extreme Technology, The Bridge App is available to Christian Reformed churches in Canada for $500 CDN per year.

In addition, there is currently NO FEE to Christian Reformed churches in Classis Alberta North, Classis British Columbia Southeast, Classis Ontario Southwest, Classis Hamilton, Classis Huron. These classes have opted for an ‘every church’ package price. To learn more about discounted pricing for your classis, please contact [email protected].

Bridge App Donation Menu

The GIVE function of The Bridge App can process donations made by credit card or directly from the donor’s bank account.  Please note the credit card processing firm levies a three percent fee.  For donations made through a bank account, the CRCNA absorbs the transaction fee, so the full donation is provided to the local church.