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If you’re looking for a coach to work with your church or classis, or one-on-one with you in your role as pastor or ministry leader, you’ve come to the right place. The CRC coaches listed below are independently licensed and look forward to connecting with you about coaching opportunities. Pastor Church Resources can attest that the coaches have completed the training and received the certification noted. Certified Leader Breakthru coaches have completed advanced training (levels 1, 2, and 3) and are Certified Personal Development Life Coaches. Licensed Leader Breakthru coaches have completed basic training (level 1) or CoachNet 101 training.

Under each name you’ll see the coaches’ self-identified experience. If you’d like to connect with a coach, please do so using the contact information provided. Pastor Church Resources will keep the information on this page current but will not play a go-between role between those seeking a coach and the coaches. It’ll be up to you and the coach to sort out all of the details pertaining to the coaching relationship. Note that there will be fees attached to coaching relationships. It’s between you and the coach to work out the details.

What exactly is coaching? “Christian coaching is an ongoing, intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God's unique call on a life or group of individuals.” (Terry Walling, Founder of Leader Breakthru) A coach leads individuals to actionable clarity by asking great questions, not by giving advice or to-do's.

If you'd like to have your information posted on this page, you must be either a member of a CRC church or a CRC pastor and be certified as a coach by either the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or Leader Breakthru.

May your coaching experience be a fruitful one!

Jay Tans
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Milan, Michigan

• leadership issues
• leaders’ personal developmen
• facilitation for council and/or congregation conflict resolution or meeting improvement
• strategic planning process
• larification of vision and mission
• facilitation of creating church profiles
Healthy Church Discernment Process

Retired school administrator

[email protected]  

Rev. Joshua (Kyong won) Jung
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Orlando, Florida

• church vision clarification
• multiethnic congregation
• church planting
• church revitalization
• church renew/transition
• small group (Coffee break, TLT)
• one-on-one or small group coaching
• evangelism planning

Fluent in Korean 

[email protected]


Rev. Carl Kammeraad
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Grand Rapids, Michigan

• transitioning congregations
• multi-ethnic congregations
• vision clarification
• missional planning
• Church Visiting teams
• personal ministry direction
Healthy Church Discernment Process

[email protected]

Rev. Martin Vellekoop
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Surrey, British Columbia

• individual, team and congregational coaching
• healthier congregational relationships
• challenging conversations coach
• church transition
• conflict transformation
• strategic planning and vision revitalization
• spiritual discernment
Healthy Church Discernment Process

[email protected]


Rev. Lesli van Milligen
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Georgetown, Ontario 

• personal development
• personal ministry direction
• church revitalization
• strategic planning
• leadership Training both personal and team
• TRAC360 Assessment coaching

[email protected]


Rev. Tom van Milligen
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Georgetown, Ontario

• preaching and worship
• spiritual gifts and discernment
• addiction and recovery
• spiritual disciplines

[email protected]


Rev. Joy Engelsman
Certified Leader Breakthru Coach, Denver, Colorado 

• worship renewal
• leadership issues
• preaching
• organizational health
• personal ministry direction
• missional ministry
TRAC360 Assessment coaching

[email protected]


Dr. Stan Mast
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Grand Rapids, Michigan

• long range planning experience in large church
• preaching
Healthy Church Discernment Process

[email protected]


Rev. Mary B. Sterenberg
Certified Leader Breakthru Coach, Grand Rapids, Michigan

• personal leadership development
• personal spiritual development
• navigating transitions well
• discerning God's guidance
• spiritual growth and health
• delighting in prayer/intimacy with God
TRAC360 Assessment coaching

[email protected]


Rev. John Park (박정언)
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Two units of Clinical Pastoral Education

• cultural issues of Korean immigrants
• leadership issues in Korean immigrant church
• cultural adapting to the Western society
• mannerism in ministry
• transitioning congregation/position

Fluent in Korean 

[email protected]

Rev. Bill Wilton
Certified Leader Breakthru Coach, McMinnville, Oregon
Certified Clifton Strengths Coach
Certified P.A.C.E. Coach

• individual, couples, and team Strengths Coaching
• bi-vocational ministry experience
• transitioning congregations
• vision clarification
• Church Renewal
• Church Visiting teams
• personal ministry direction
• preaching

[email protected]


Pastor Katie Ritsema-Roelofs
Licensed Leader Breakthru Coach, Washington, DC

• worship teams/leadership
• worship conflict
• worship identity

[email protected]

Rev. Steve Dykstra
Certified Leader Breakthru Coach, Hamilton Ontario
Birkman Facilitator
1:1 Leadership and Life Coaching

• Birkman Assessments
• Vocational Formation
• Career Change and Ministry Transitions
• Neighbourhood Outreach and Urban Ministry
TRAC360 Assessment coaching

[email protected]

Rev. Derek Bouma
Certified Leader Breakthru Coach, Strathroy, ON
Trained as a Specialized Transitional Minister
Masters in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy

• Leadership Development
• Spiritual Discernment
• Working Through Conflict
• Ministry Transition
• Working as a Sole Pastor or with Staff
• TRAC360 Assessment

[email protected]

Rev. Christopher Cassis
Certified Leader Breakthru Coach
Certified Multiply your leadership Coach

• Church planting
• Church revitalization
• Church Renewal
• multiethnic congregation
• Vision and Mission clarification
• Church systems Implementation
• Evangelism and Missional planning
• 222 Discipleship Leader and Coach
• Sermon Based Small Groups

[email protected]

Michelle Greydanus, MA-CMHC, NCC
Certified Leader Breakthru Coach
Hull, Iowa

• Personal wellness and Pastor burnout
• Discerning ministry transitions
• Ministry spouses and children
• Leading from strengths
• Discipleship and spiritual growth
• Navigating mental health concerns
• Church family systems
• Interpersonal communication

[email protected]