As the number of deaths in Gaza rises, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) is calling on all parties involved in the fighting to end the violence and agree to an immediate cease-fire.

In a statement released this week, leaders of Geneva-based organization stressed the urgent need to open the borders of Gaza to humanitarian aid and medical assistance for the sick and wounded.

“None of the violence is acceptable,” said WARC’s president, Clifton Kirkpatrick. General Secretary Setri Nyomi echoed his comments.

“The rockets from Gaza aimed at Israeli communities are destructive and the suicide bombing incidents cannot be condoned. They constitute a violation of the sanctity of life. We strongly condemn the air and ground assaults from the Israeli Defence Forces leading to senseless deaths and injury to hundreds of people. These must end immediately.”

In part, the statement reads: "We yearn for an end to 60 years of uncertainty, violence and oppression, all of which has left its scars on all parties regardless of ethnic, religious or political identification. It is our fervent prayer for an end to this current violence in Gaza, recognizing that no real peace can be the issue of a cease-fire that is not followed by new determination by all parties that it is time for genuine commitment to a just peace.

"We call on all our member churches to pray for all those who have been affected by these callous developments and engage in actions to stop the carnage and build a just and lasting peace." Read the complete statement here.