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Seventy Times Seventy Blessings

April 24, 2024
Water Street CRC in Guelph, Ont.
Water Street CRC in Guelph, Ont.

What difference can $70 make? A church in Ontario recently found out. 

A milestone of the CRC’s ministry plan Our Journey states that we aim to “cultivate practices of prayer and spiritual discipline, transforming our lives and communities by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Water Street CRC in Guelph, Ont., explored this milestone through a special project for their 70th anniversary. 

Water Street fundraised to be able to offer 70 members the opportunity to give away $70 each. They were asked to keep an envelope with $70 of cash with them and wait for the Spirit to prompt them on how the money should be used. 

Stories started pouring in from there. One member was able to bless students at a local grocery store. Another helped  to buy dog food for two homeless people who were using an exterior outlet at the church to charge their phones. 

“I know this initiative was intended to bless the community,” one church member said, “But I need to let you know that it has blessed me a million times more.”

Listen to more reflections from Water Street Church members on how participating has made them more aware of the needs in their community.