Photo: Resonate Global Mission
Daan de Groot and István Szabó sign an agreement between their two ministries. Fostering collaboration is an important way Resonate Global Mission spreads the gospel.
Photo by Resonate Global Mission

Géza needed a place to stay after completing a recovery program. A network organized by Steve Michmerhuizen, a missionary working with Resonate Global Mission, helped to provide a house for him.

A Need in the Kingdom

Géza recently completed an alcohol recovery program through Bonus Pastor, a Christian ministry in Romania.

Like many people who seek recovery through Bonus Pastor’s programs, Géza had lost many things in his life while struggling with his addiction. After finishing the program, he was ready for a fresh start—but he needed a place to live, and Bonus Pastor wasn’t able to provide housing for him.

“It is a struggle for [our clients] to rejoin society because after therapy is completed, there is another huge step that they need to take as they look for a job, find a place to live, and start again,” said István Szabó, Bonus Pastor director.

Szabó was searching for a way to find housing for Géza, and he was able to help through a networking connection with Resonate, the mission agency of the CRC.

The Importance of a Network

One of the important ways Resonate spreads the gospel throughout the world is through the formation of holistic mission networks. The collaboration and relationships formed through these networks are a blessing for ministries like Bonus Pastor.

Resonate missionary Steve Michmerhuizen launched and organized a network with ministry leaders in Romania called Compass and Map. And this is the network Szabó connected with to help find housing for Géza.

Here’s how it happened:

One day Szabó was talking with Daan de Groot, director of Roman Works, another nonprofit that is connected to Compass and Map. Roman Works had just acquired a farmhouse and was looking to put it to good use.

“[De Groot and Szabó said] couldn’t remember who’d said what—whether someone had mentioned they had housing available, or whether someone had said someone was looking for a place to live,” said Michmerhuizen. “But it really doesn’t matter, because in the end Géza moved into the house.”

The farmhouse provided through Roman Works became an answer to prayer for Géza, Szabó, and Bonus Pastor’s staff. And Roman Works and Bonus Pastor formed a new partnership as a result.

Kingdom Connections

“That’s what the kingdom looks like sometimes,” said Michmerhuizen. “It looks like a person recovering from an addiction unpacking his bags in a transitional home where he can continue to rebuild his life bit by bit.”

Connections like the partnership formed between Bonus Pastor and Roman Works are why holistic mission networks are so important for Resonate’s work of spreading the gospel.

“None of us have all the resources, or talents, or abilities, or desires, or callings to get out there and do everything,” said Michmerhuizen. But we can use what we have, he said, and we can trust God to connect and supply us with whatever else is needed.

Prayer Points

  • Michmerhuizen has heard from Szabó that Géza is doing well! Please pray for Géza as he continues to recover from alcoholism and to rebuild his life with kingdom principles.
  • Pray for Bonus Pastor and Roman Works as they continue to minister with their communities in the unique ways God has called them to serve.
  • Give thanks for new partnerships that are forming through Resonate missionary Steve Michmerhuizen’s work in Romania. Please also pray for him as he continues to connect ministry leaders with one another.