Photo: Adele Konyndyk, World Renew
Haiti, a country rich in beauty and tradition, is in need of your prayers after days of protest.
Photo by Adele Konyndyk, World Renew

Christian Reformed Church in North America staff members request your prayers for the people of Haiti, its government, ongoing ministry there, and the future of this country.

On July 6, the Haitian government, in an attempt to boost their revenues in compliance with an International Monetary Fund request, announced hikes of up to 50 percent in prices for gasoline, diesel and kerosene.

Protests soon erupted from people who felt that the steep price increase would be too much of a burden for those already living in poverty. Their anger soon degenerated into looting and violence that killed at least four people.

“The rioting and protests continued into Saturday,” reported a missionary who works in Haiti with Resonate Global Mission. “The president reversed his stance and suspended the change in prices. This did not quell the protests, as they were calling for him, the prime minister, and his staff to resign. Sunday saw some calming down, although some areas still protested.”

The CRCNA has several staff members living and working in Haiti on behalf of Resonate Global Mission, Back to God Ministries International, and World Renew. All of these staff members and their families are safe.

“While riots happened in Port-au-Prince, I was stuck far from my family during the weekend in a very remote area after presenting our programs to more than 7,000 people in the northwestern part of Haiti,” said BTGMI’s French-language coordinator. “Praise God, I got back home Sunday night safe and sound. My wife also spent two days out of the house stuck at the hospital where she works. We are all now together at home.”

Staff also report that their homes and offices have not been harmed.

“We have been blessed that while the protests have been happening all around us, our compound has not only not been touched by it but we were in need of nothing and our children don't even know what is happening,” said a Resonate missionary. “We have felt a peace and honestly have not had any fears.”

CRCNA staff also point out that this recent violence is not representative of the Haiti they know and love.

“There has been so much progress in Haiti, but that message doesn't get out,” one staff member wrote in an email.

Haiti is a land of beauty and strength. It boasts an incredible artistic tradition, cloud forests, and majestic beaches. Its people have shown resilience not only through a successful slave revolt, making it the first sovereign country in the Caribbean, but also as they rebuilt the nation after the 2010 earthquake.

CRCNA staff who work jointly in this country under the umbrella name Sous Espwa (Source of Hope) ask you to join them in praying for land that they love.