Imagine the good news of Jesus resonating across the globe—this is the vision behind the name for the new mission agency endorsed today by the Board of Trustees of the Christian Reformed Church in North America:

Resonate Global Mission
Engaging People. Embracing Christ.
A ministry of the Christian Reformed Church

“This name illustrates what we as a new agency will aspire to,” said Josh Leo, communications manager for Christian Reformed World Missions: “seeing individuals and congregations resonate with God’s mission and serving and equipping them to make that mission echo throughout their village, community, town, or city.”

“I'm grateful to God for this name,” added Dirk VanEyk, who serves on the new mission agency board and was involved in the selection of the name. “I believe we have a name that will inspire congregations, missionaries, and planters to carry the gospel forward.”

Support expressed by board members like VanEyk and the wider CRC was vital in helping select a name that embodies the agency’s passion for mission.

During the naming process, the agency conducted extensive research, surveys, and interviews, seeking feedback from a broad cross-section of agency staff and members of the denomination.

This research indicated a strong desire for a name that would portray an innovative and imaginative new agency. It also led to the decision not to include Christian Reformed in the root name itself.

“This is a huge opportunity to have communication with people who are not CRC or Christians,” said John Eigege, new mission agency board member. “It’s an icebreaker, a door opener.”

Of the many possible names that emerged from the research, Resonate Global Mission best describes the aspirations for the new mission agency. For more details on the rationale behind the name, you can read an addendum produced by new mission agency staff.

Looking to the Future

The new name will go to synod for ratification in June along with other final decisions—including ratification of the appointment of Rev. Zachary J. King as director—needed to accomplish the launch of Resonate Global Mission on July 1, 2017.

Behind-the-scenes work to bring Christian Reformed World Missions and Christian Reformed Home Missions together is continuing — and nearing completion. New mission agency staff will complete preparations for launch, including the presentation of a logo and a new website sometime this summer.

The names Christian Reformed World Missions and Christian Reformed Home Missions will also be retained by the organization in order to maintain existing planned gift designations along with specific funds being developed for both international and domestic ministry.

“As the new mission agency seeks to amplify and enrich the ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, we pray that churches and individuals will join us in engaging this mission,” said Amy Schenkel, who will serve as the USA national director in the new mission agency. “We look forward to Synod 2017 to celebrate the beginning of Resonate Global Mission, but, above all, we praise God for the opportunities ahead, and we look to him for wisdom in the challenges to come with this transition process.”