Photo: Kids Corner
Photo by Kids Corner

Kids Corner, the children’s ministry of ReFrame Media, is working to create Kids in Action, a series of fun, fast-paced, five-minute videos that tell stories of kids and teens doing God’s work in the world — and they’re looking for kids to feature. View a trailer.

ReFrame Media is the English-language ministry of Back to God Ministries International, which uses media to share the gospel around the world. Each week, Kids Corner features a half-hour radio program on its app and website, along with puzzles, downloads, ebooks, and activities.

The shows, geared to children ages 6 to 12, features lizard-like characters in the fictional town of Terrene and aims to help children grow in their faith in God.

In the Kids in Action webisode project, the Kids Corner team is working on something new, highlighting real children and teens in a video series. The first season will be filmed in the province of Ontario. Teen hosts will present stories of kids, teens, or groups of young people who are using their talents to be part of God’s story.

The first video in the series, filmed in September this year, showcases four young people who swam across Lake Erie to raise over $14,000 for the RedRoof retreat center for children with special needs.

A second webisode, filmed in October, will highlight the story of a teen who has worked to become a pilot. A third episode is in the works and engages young Christian filmmakers.

“The Kids in Action stories will be about elementary school-age children and high school-age teens who have a passion and talent they want to explore and share as they find their role in God’s story,” said Ron VandenBurg, producer and writer of the series. “Their story is part of God’s story.”

Nominations are open for future stories. Anyone—family members, teachers, church friends, or mentors—may nominate young people who are serving God in active and interesting ways — and please note: Parental consent is required before sending in the information.

Because the film crew, headed by videographer and editor Michael Earls, lives in Ontario, Canada, the pilot series will feature stories from within the province. However, VandenBurg noted, “We hope that our circle will widen as we meet new nominated children, teens, and their families.”

The project developers hope to show children that they don’t have to wait to become adults before serving in God’s kingdom. “Children wonder, at their young age, how they can make an important difference in the world,” said VandenBurg. They feel a need to belong, he added, and want to find purpose now in the big story of God’s work in the world. VandenBurg also hopes the videos will put smiles on kids’ faces.

To help kids relate their own stories to each webisode, said VandenBurg, “each video will be fast-paced with an engaging, funny, and daring host, who is willing to try things and fail.” The videos will be shot on location, and bloopers and mistakes will be included, along with quick cuts, bright graphics, and lively music, to create a sense of fun, action, and engagement.