Dear reader,

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

The Great Commission, as recorded in Mark’s gospel. Christ’s commission to us, his church. But how can we possibly fulfill it? How can you and I as individual Christians be Christ’s witnesses in all the world?

Alone it would be impossible. But Jesus never intended for us to do it alone. That’s why he gave the commission to his disciples – the first church. What is impossible individually becomes possible when we work together.

The ministry programs of the Christian Reformed Church enable us to respond to our calling in ways that bring the gospel to life.

This report includes stories of the CRC being the hands and feet of Christ. They bear witness to how the CRC has used your Ministry Shares, gifts and offerings – for without the generous support of congregations and individuals these stories would never have happened.

Thank you for helping to make these ministries possible.

Steven Timmermans
Executive Director